Desperados Barbecue & Catering Company™

"Barbecue so good it outta be outlawed"


Whether you’re a concession management company, a barbecue “joint” or a backyard barbecue enthusiast, you can appreciate the attention to detail that goes into every morsel of
Desperados Barbecue.

We start with superior quality meats chosen for their
healthy origins and quality packaging and handling standards. 

Only the freshest and finest ingredients  are used in blending
 our signature rubs and preparing all menu items. 

Our sauces contain NO preservatives, fats, food starches, modifiers,
gums or wheat glutens.

Consistency of flavor and tenderness are maintained by
smoking and cooking most menu items in a genuine
Friedrich Smokehouse  
from Friedrich Metal Products

When quality, consistency, flavor and tenderness are demanded
in large capacities no other smoker oven can compare
to a Genuine Friedrich Smokehouse.   

The ease of use, labor saving features,  
and lack of complicated controls or additional  
parts translate into cost efficiency,
minimal maintenance and ultimately your bottom line.

Friedrich Metal Products builds 
features into each and every smokehouse oven that are 
not available or sold as "options" with other companies.

Dare to compare and your next smoker will be a Friedrich.
Building custom solutions for the meat packing and grocery store industry for years.

 Isn't it time your restaurant or concession company benefited from
the experience, custom engineering and labor saving features that a
Genuine Friedrich Smokehouse will  provide?

Find out how to book a Desperados event, order Desperados products or
how Desperados and Friedrich Metal Products can help you satisfy
the most discerning of your barbecue customers today.


Friedrich Metal Products

True Convection Roasting and Smoking

One Touch Self Cleaning Cycle

Seamless Stainless Liner Throughout

USDA Approved Woodchip
Smoke System